Four Tips for Hiring the Best Moving Company

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Are you planning on moving in the very near future? Now is not the time to just hire the cheapest service. We’ve all heard the adage that you get what you paid for. When it comes to a move, this is not a good idea as too many things can go wrong. The goal of hiring a moving service is to make your life easier as you have enough on your plate already.


Would you really want to put your prized possessions in the hands of a company that is licensed or insured for example? It’s much easier for a company to charge less if they don’t have updated equipment, experienced staff, and the basic licensing and insurance requirements.


If you’re looking for the best moving company to facilitate your move, keep these tips in mind:


Ask for Proof of Licensing and Insurance: This not only will give you peace of mind, but it will also show that you are speaking with a professional company and not just some guys with a truck who decided to become movers one day.


Check out Reviews Online but Keep Context in Mind: You should certainly read reviews on Colonial Van Lines and other moving companies online, but remember that some reviewers may have an ulterior motive in mind when writing a review. Put on your detective cap and make sure the reviewer is credible. If you can get a review from someone you know who has used the service, this would be optimal.


Get a Free Moving Estimate: Some companies, like Colonia Van Lines, even offer a free moving estimate through their apps. You’ll want to know how much you may be charged to determine whether or not you can afford it.


Ask for Specialty Experience: Every move is different. If you live on a higher floor apartment or have other special requirements, be sure to ask if the company’s movers have experience with your particular scenario.



Why Is Moving So Stressful and How Can Colonial Van Lines Help

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Did you know that moving is one of the most stressful life events? In fact, in one recent poll, two-thirds of those surveyed in the UK said that moving was the top stressor. This is ahead of marriage, divorce, or even getting sick. It actually does make sense when you think about it. There is a lot of chaos and uncertainty that comes with a move.


For example, you have to worry about changing your address for a number of different institutions, including your bank, your state’s DMV, and the IRS. You also need to make sure to shut off and turn on utilities, cable, the internet, and other services. And let’s not forget about the move itself.


You need to figure out what you’re keeping, what you’re throwing away, and what you hope to sell or donate. You also need to plan where you want to put your existing things in the new home as well as what you need to buy. Finally, you need to complete the move. This means packing up all of your goods, convincing family members and friends to help you move, renting a moving truck or two, and lifting the packed goods and furniture out of your home. Anyone who has tried to move an oversized piece of furniture through a narrow doorway or hallway can attest to the stress involved here. Ditto for someone who has to move things up or down stairs.


Now, it’s impossible to make a move completely stress-free, but there are ways to significantly reduce the stress load. One of the best ways to do this is by hiring professional movers. Professional movers can handle as little or as much of the move as you might want. From packing your goods to moving everything from your old home to your new homes, you can concentrate on other aspects of the move and work towards returning to normalcy.


Colonial Van Lines is a top moving company serving Southern Florida. It is family-owned, offers affordable moving services, and provides a variety of moving services. If you’re looking to alleviate the stress from your next move, Colonial Van Lines may prove to be a viable option.


Three Tips to Help You Organize Your Move Better

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Nobody has ever said that they were too organized for their move. In truth, moving can be very complicated, so the more you do to stay organized, the better you will be able to handle the challenges that moving can present. Every move has its ups and downs, but the key is to have a system in place to handle those low points.

Consider Hiring a Moving Company: There are many aspects of a move that go beyond just moving actual home goods. There’s contacting the various organizations about your address change, so business can go on as usual. You will have to make arrangements to have the power, gas, and water turned on, so the move can be done as quickly. Why worry about moving your goods too? A moving company like Colonial Van Lines can help to make the actual move as easy as possible so you can focus on other things.

Make a List: Lists are your friend. Make a list of everything you plan to bring and which box everything will be packed in, so you know where everything is when you make it to your new home. Also make a list and calendar of dates and responsibilities, so you don’t miss a deadline.

Get Plenty of Supplies: The last thing you would want to do is start packing and find out you’re short on supplies. Be sure to purchase more boxes than you think you’ll need because it might be difficult to estimate how many you’ll need beforehand. For example, you might have a number in your head, but once you start packing, you realize that your boxes are way too heavy. Colonial Van Lines offers a wide variety of moving supplies in addition to moving services to provide customers with all of the resources they need to have a successful move.


Three Reasons Why a DIY Move Isn’t the Best of Ideas

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Moving a long distance is a stressful time. It could also sometimes be expensive. You might even be tempted to complete a DIY move, but this usually isn’t a very good idea. Unless you can fit everything you own in the back of your car, a DIY move is more trouble than its worth, and it can often lead to disastrous consequences. By hiring a quality moving company like Colonial Van Lines instead, you can avoid these troubles and concentrate on other things related to your move. Here are three reasons why a DIY move should be avoided whenever possible:


You Could Get Hurt: Nearly 80% of Americans will experience back pain at some point in their lives. We can guarantee that some of those Americans incurred the injury during a move. Unless you know how to lift correctly, it is highly advisable to leave it to the professionals. Lifting a two hundred pound dresser up a flight of stairs or two is not easy and should not be done by anyone who isn’t experienced moving heavy home goods. It is the easiest way to end up in urgent care.


You Could Damage Your Items: In addition to hurting yourself, untrained movers can also damage items or the home, especially if you have a large amount of heavy items or weird home layout. If you have home goods that you don’t want to get broken, leave it to the professional movers at Colonial Van Lines. They know how to pack and stack items correctly and in the most efficient manner possible. In addition to that, Colonial Van Lines is fully insured, providing you peace of mind if there is an accident.


You Don’t Have Time: Anyone who has moved long distance or cross country knows that it cannot be done overnight. In addition to the actual move, you need to arrange for the utilities to be turned on, change the address on all of your major accounts, and handle a wide variety of other logistics. If you have to conduct a DIY move too, it could all be a little too much. Save some time and your sanity and hire the professionals at Colonial Van Lines.